Biyernes, Enero 8, 2016

Let's go Boho.

      Bohemian Style has been a trend in the fashion industry for a while and I'm totally digging it! My favorite piece is a poncho with tribal prints.There are a lot of stores offering different varieties and I just want to get all them-- but I cant (heart breaks).  I tried my best to find a good deal out of the good sales that has been going on for the Christmas Season and so I got mine from ALDO when they got it on their 2 for 1 Promotion. I paired mine with a really nice camel wool blend scarf which was really useful for me this winter. I paid around $34.99 CAD for both pieces so i think that was a really good deal! Though, it wasn't a good spending for my money since I wouldn't be using this piece  until prolly next fall? Anyways, I'd still be using the scarf so, that's definitely forgivable! ;) 

Hype this look! Winter Boho

Strappy Sandals and Ripped Jeans from ZARA
Grey Wool Scarf from Moschino


Martes, Enero 5, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Photo From: Google

       It has been 2 years since I last blogged and I just realized how bad of a writer I was (haha). This year, I'm hoping that I improved a lot! (Like Seriously, Shelvie, who writes that way?) Anyways, this is going to be whole new year and all I hope for is a Stronger, Fiercer, Better, and More Mature Shelvie. I am really looking forward to updating my blog at least once a week and I hope I can (crossing fingers)! I have changed a lot for the past year, not just physically (i know, i got bigger :'( ) but also in terms of developing myself emotionally and professionally.  I hope to improve more, and be better! There's no other way for me to show you these than keeping my blog updated at all times!

     As you noticed, I have set all my previous posts in private since I drowned in embarrassment while I was trying to read it. Trust me, It was my own version of horror! I promise to make the BeAWiseFashionista Blog 2.0 better. This will be filled with beauty, travel, fashion, and personal stuffs that I'm going to be sharing with all the readers out there! Happy New Year and May We All Have the BEST YEAR YET--

Since I "restarted" my blog, let's formally start with introductions! 

This is what literally look during New Year's Eve! ;) 

My name is Shelvie Fernan, 22, living in Edmonton (#yeg), Alberta, Canada. I'm a Business Student and currently working as a stylist at Club Monaco. I  have been fashionably involved since IDK as long as I can remember? My fashion inspiration is my late Grandmother (Mama Ding so we call her). I look up to how she dressed and how she presented herself  and she gave a lot of influence to me growing up. She always smelled good, looked nice, kept her nails clean even if she just spends the whole day at home and I consider that really classy and I ought to be like her, specially when i grow up. I plan on having my own clothing line/ manufacturing company/ boutique (at least), and I will be naming it after her, MERCEDES. 

I'm a very sociable person, it is really easy for me to have a conversation with anyone in any topic. I was just born TALKATIVE, not too much, but I am really if you get into my "inner circle". I consider myself really weird, specially with food. I eat and like weird food and you don't even want to hear about it! I'm really competitive against myself, I always push myself to my limits and the competition just gets more and more intense, which means I am getting better and better, which I think is a good thing and a bad things because I create my own stresses in life. My aspiration in life is to be content, happy, and do good at all times, which i try practice every breathing day. I'm not a simple person but I think simply.

I think I have been sharing really intimate details about me, I do accept change a lot, and as long as it is a good change I am willing to it. Expect to have a Better Shelvie in the future!

My greatest dream in life is to be able to help and serve other people. I aspire to advocate, inspire, and teach children things that they need to be aware of  and I'm really hoping that one day, I will be given the chance to do that. That enough would make me really content and happy. (insert shopping-- HAHA! )